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Weekend long reads, sponsored by Brendan's bookmark folder ☕️

Happy Friday everyone,

With the cold weather setting in I am sure we’re all reaching for that comfy sweater, a mug of warm cider and long read on the workplace industry to leaf through.

Below are some workplace articles, case studies, and reports that are genuinely helpful reads.

So go find your favorite moss-laden corner of the office or reading nook at home, some of these tales are real page-turners.

💯 Emily’s Design Museum Boston Talk

Pt 1: https://robinpowered.com/blog/data-driven-workplace-strategy-session/

Pt 2: https://robinpowered.com/blog/workplace-data-office-metrics-session/

Our very own Emily True held a talk with Design Museum Boston that was a huge success. We went over this in both BDR and AE Content Clubs the past week or so and this post was a favorite. Full of helpful stats and snippets.

This is a must-read.

Bookmark your favorite stats for sharing around or, better yet, share these posts with anyone working in Workplace as a value-add read.

🎓 Leesman’s report on ABW


Leesman is a top-notch workplace reporting organization that specializes in workplace surveys. They create a survey to measure the office’s effectiveness and assign a score.

I found a few surprising moments in this report, specifically that while ABW has many strengths it is not a silver bullet for workplace success and heavily relies on change management.

Breaking out the 4 types of “work profiles” make it easier to understand where ABW lacks and where it succeeds. If we can adopt similar vocabulary when talking to people it will align our value to their work much more effectively.

💳 Capital One 2019 Workplace Survey


One of the quickest reads out there this is a great resource for headline stats on why it is important to invest in workplace flexibility. (Synopsys here)

“The findings of the 2019 Work Environment Survey indicate that it’s critical to remain adaptable when it comes to designing workspaces and amenities. Dynamic and adaptable spaces that not only accommodate various work styles but also foster employee well-being give companies an edge when it comes to helping people achieve better work-life integration that ultimately enables them to create better products and services for customers.”    

At Robin, we can think of that as better search and visibility for finding the right place to work from (space or desk). Tools like Room Displays improve workplace flexibility with AMP and impromptu events so those last-minute, unplanned meetings can have a home and not resort to “let’s just book a time next week to talk”. Flexibility in the workplace has great returns on investment.

🎰 The Unassigned Experience


Featured a few newsletters back - this is one of the best docs out there when it comes to understanding how teams approach unassigned desk strategies.

Another must-read.

As Desks become more and more important to our organization documents like this will help us become consultative and workplace-coaches for customers.

🍟 McDonalds HQ Revamp Case Study


A two page PDF case study is at the bottom of the page serves as a showcase for making the move to a modern workplace.

🤩 Workplace of the Week: PwC Paris



B-A-N-A-N-A-S 🍌

Seriously, I have no idea how anyone gets any work done in that forest of a workplace. Next time some tells you “we have a cool office” you can say “yuh OK, let me send you a quick link…”

See y’all next week!

Let me know what reads you liked, which you skipped. I’d like to start doing more “weekend longreads” in general.

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